Cruschishop is a shop online created by Cruschiform studio in order to make some of its creations in graphic design, design and illustration available to the public. Most of the art prints currently presented on Cruschishop have been printed by Sergeant Paper on the occasion of CABINS exhibition which took place at Sergeant Paper Gallery in Paris, from April 8th to April 29th 2015, with the collaboration of Talkie Walkie. All the illustrations have been created by Cruschiform for the Art book CABINS by Philipp Jodidio, published by TASCHEN.

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Cruschiform is a French creative studio founded by Marie-Laure Cruschi in Paris in 2007. Her work combines art, graphic design, illustration, and typography. Her sensitivity to color and simple modular forms allows her to create playful and poetic illustrations that she continuously renews. Cruschiform has long worked with cultural reviews, fashion magazines, children’s books, as well as music and luxury brands.

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For nearly a half-year I had the pleasure to work closely with Taschen art director on achieving more than 60 opening chapter illustrations, plans and symbols for an architecture book by Philipp Jodidio, titled CABINS. This big book of 463 pages aims to provide an overview on contemporary cabins from all around the world.

For me the topic of cabins deeply resonates with child’s imagination. I mean for children as for adult it’s an unlimited source of fantasy. This fact was very important to me, so I tried to keep it in mind while I was drawing with the aim to offer an idyllic vision of each project.

The main challenge in this project was for me, making a glorified vision that inspire, invite you in a virtual journey, while trying to convey each cabin’s unique character, and remaining faithful to the original cabin architecture.

The outdoor environnement was to my mind as much important as the cabin itself. That’s why most of the illustrations are full of details on nature. I focused my sensitivity on lights and colors to offer a different light mood for each cabin in harmony with it’s environnement.

I tried to create dreamlike pictures, between realism and fantasy, where each cabin is celebrated in it’s nature’s jewell box.

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